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If you’ve made the inspiring decision to raise funds for a charity, school, or community group, congratulations! Now, it’s time to explore the best way to generate the much-needed financial support. Fortunately, there are numerous avenues you can take to fundraise effectively. Some people opt for physically demanding activities like running marathons, swimming long distances, cycling for miles, or conquering challenging mountains. These endeavors allow individuals to combine their personal goals with fundraising efforts.

GiveSoba® has made giving simply and easy.

There’s also a simpler and convenient method to kickstart your fundraising journey – creating an online fundraising page through GiveSoba®. With just a few easy steps, you can set up your personalized GiveSoba® page and initiate the process of collecting donations for your chosen charity. Once contributions start pouring in, you can rest assured knowing that GiveSoba® will handle the seamless transfer of funds to the intended charitable organization. This hassle-free approach empowers you to focus on making a difference and rallying support for a cause you deeply care about.


Take part in an organised event, or do your own thing.


Grab your goggles and make a splash for your favourite charity.


Clock up those miles on your bike in return for donations.

Advocacy Services

Simply put, nonprofit advocacy ensures your nonprofit’s mission will be heard. Advocacy allows the legislators to learn what your mission is and how it helps your community. Through the process of advocacy, legislators can make informed decisions about passing laws that benefit the community. 

Nonprofit advocacy is broadly defined and includes a limited amount of lobbying. Another way to think of nonprofit advocacy is to equate it with ambassadorship. Educating others about your nonprofit’s mission, advocating for legal changes, and educating voters in a nonpartisan way are all activities that fall under nonprofit advocacy.

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In memory

Collect charitable donations in memory of a loved one.


Get donations for a birthday, wedding or other occasion.


Walk, hike or trek to raise money for your favourite charity.

Why fundraise with GiveSoba®?

That fundraising feeling is one you just can’t beat. We’ve been helping people raise money for the causes they care about since 2017.

As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.

Amount Raised

Over $45 million raised for good causes in almost every single country in the world.

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Almost 0% platform fees. That’s right, none. Find out more about how we work

Access To Multiply Charities

Choose from over 40,000 incredible charities worldwide. 

Ready To get started?

Choose from thousands of charities and make good things happen.
Set up your online charity donation page today.  
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