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GiveSoba®, the administrative staff works diligently behind the scenes to support the day-to-day operations, fundraising activities, and overall administrative functions of the organization.


GiveSoba®’s initiatives, allowing the organization to effectively allocate resources, maintain accurate records, and cultivate meaningful relationships with stakeholders.

Our Values

At GiveSoba®, we uphold a set of core values that guide our actions, decisions, and interactions as we strive to make a positive impact on non-profits, charities, and communities worldwide.

Why do organizations use GiveSoba®

We obsess about this – we’re constantly optimizing donation flows, creating new tools and sharing expert tips to help your organization raise as much as possible.

We analyze millions of user journeys so we can create products that are optimized to increase funds raised based on the behavior of millions of fundraisers and donors

By combining the strength of our platform and the power of your brand, we can maximize your fundraising. Our technical expertise, your story, our sharing capabilities, your audience.

Our continued investment and innovation means you get a lightning fast and reliable platform with market-leading conversion rates, both now and in the future

Our social fundraising tools allow your supporters to fundraise on your behalf. By sharing with their networks, you expand your reach and grow your impact.

Our flexible fundraising tools are simple to set up, so it takes less time and effort to deploy initiatives like beautiful branded campaigns, livestream fundraising, and virtual events with fitness tracking.

Trusted by thousands of organizations

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What our users are saying about us

Frank Harden

GiveSoba® simplified the act of giving and donating. I have used GiveSoba® to reach and help multiple communities worldwide

Michael Caine

Thanks to GiveSoba®, I was able to raise funds for families back in Parkistan and they received their funds on a timely manner .

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